Welcome to Yoi Massage

Come and enjoy a relaxing Oriental Yoi Massage.

At Yoi Massage, our warm and friendly staff will introduce you to our fabulous menu, which offers a wide variety of relaxing massages.

Yoi massage has been created as a place to escape and where you can experience first class treatments. The Yoi Massage staff believes that everyone deserves to rest and relax, both body and mind, freeing themselves from everyday tensions and worries.

Our mission is to give people professional massage services at an affordable price in an exclusive place and a clean environment.

Located in Via Sindicat 62, we have the pleasure of serving our clients in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.
Our young and beautiful masseurs are selected based on their technique and professional attitude. We look for in our way to make sure that each client feels comfortable, relaxed and satisfied, every time we visit Yoi Massages.



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 And remember that a massage:

-Reduces stress

-Promotes happiness

-Increase resistance

-Reduces physical symptoms

-Improves the balance between body and mind

-Provides energy!