All our massages, have the same price:
1 hour 40 €
30 minutes 25 €

Except couples or 4 hands massage:

1 hour 70 €
30 minutes 45 €


Chinese Massage:
- The techniques used are pressure, friction, rotation and unlocking of the joints. It dissociates the body of the mind, thus it acts both physically and mentally and in energy. By working on these three aspects mind-body-energy, this massage can be very relaxing and beneficial.

   Korean massage:
- kneading, stretching, working exercises and use of maneuvers with elbows, knuckles, pressure elbows and forearms, along with own movements reminiscent of Thai massage, tuina, shiatsu and reflexology to seek to release muscular tension, relax the nervous system and Create a positive flow of energy throughout the body.

 Japanese Massage:
- A comprehensive proposal of relaxation and excitement during the session. Based on oriental art, this Japanese massage applied on a stretcher, which make you feel complete relaxation of mind and body. You will be guided by your masseur to different poses which will take you to an intense state of pleasure and relaxation.

Foot massage:
  Traditional Asian massage techniques on the feet are similar to deep tissue pressure and surface friction using "tui-na", stimulating certain points of the foot by a deep tissue pressure, relaxing effects can intervene in specific organs And glands that are related to them.

Head Massage:
- It represses the tensions accumulated by the sedentary lifestyles and the bad posture that we adopt in the cervical area and the shoulder blades, the work of the neck, pressing and kneading the cervical musculature and in the base of the head. Combine friction around all areas worked to regain blood flow. A real oriental treat that you deserve.

4-Hand Massage:
- It is the most sensual and complete massage of our menu. In this session you can try the massage techniques: 4 hands is the most sensual massage line developed by two masseurs. You will enjoy an excellent session that will leave you speechless. Try Yoi Palma's four-hand massage massage, whether in an hour or 30 minute session, will not leave you regretted.

Massage for Couples:

- Couples massage sessions are designed to reactivate the wick and enjoy new experiences passively in a sensual and interesting way. Enjoy a moment dedicated to the couple and wrap yourself in the sensuality and pleasure that you deserve.